The Stage Director Promises New Sensations from the Production of Kyz Zhibek (Astana, 5 July, 2017)

The Stage Director Promises New Sensations from the Production of Kyz Zhibek (Astana, 5 July, 2017)

July 5, Astana. The Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, JSC “Kazakh Auenderi” and the Astana Opera will present the national musical art gem – the first Kazakh opera Kyz Zhibek by Y. Brusilovsky in the open air. The performance will take place on July 5 in front of the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation as part of the cultural program of the EXPO 2017.

Outstanding playwright and novelist Gabit Musrepov created the libretto based on the eponymous folk lyric epic poem about the tragic love of Zhibek and Tolegen. The legend’s poetic words reflect many aspects of the spiritual life of the nomadic Kazakhs, their thoughts and aspirations.

“The genre of the open-air performance opens up new directorial opportunities. The opera house’s Production and Technical Department, headed by Victor Carare, did a colossal work. Open-air creates absolutely new sensations for the audience. The production acquires a certain show-like format, largely due to its entertainment value. The music director Abzal Mukhitdinov did a great job with the musical material. However, we tried to preserve the idea of ​​the stage director Mikhail Pandzhavidze as much as possible,” said the director of the open-air performance Yerenbak Toykenov.

The opera house’s principal soloists will perform the main roles. Honoured Artist of Kazakhstan Zhannat Baktai will portray Zhibek, Honoured Worker of Kazakhstan Medet Chotabayev is preparing the part of Tulegen. Bekezhan – Honoured Worker of Kazakhstan Sundet Baigozhin.

Let us remind that at different times People’s Artists of the USSR K. Baiseitova, R. Jamanova, B. Tulegenova, People’s Artists of the Kazakh SSR K. Baiseitov, M. Yerzhanov, G. Kurmangaliyev, People’s Artist of Kazakhstan N. Usenbayeva and others have brilliantly performed the main parts.

Music Director and Conductor – Honoured Worker of Kazakhstan Abzal Mukhitdinov. Stage Director – Mikhail Pandzhavindze (Belarus), Set and Costume Designers – Sofya Tasmagambetova / Pavel Dragunov, Principal Choirmaster – Honoured Worker of Kazakhstan Yerzhan Dautov, Choreographer – Mukaram Avakhri, Projections Designer – Pavel Suvorov (Russia), Lighting Designer – Sergey Shevchenko (Russia). Consultant – Honoured Worker of Kazakhstan Askhat Maemirov, PhD.

Edited: 29.07.2017