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The Magical Journey of Peer Gynt

The Magical Journey of Peer Gynt

The atmosphere of Norway, fairytale characters, fascinating journey with the titular character to the amazing vistas, into the underground kingdom, and much more awaits the young audience members at the premiere of the musical project for children “The Journey of Peer Gynt” to the music of Edvard Grieg. A concert from the series “Classical Music for Children” will be presented during the spring vacation – on March 30.

“A new project was added to the children’s repertoire of the Astana Opera Chamber Hall. This concert continues the series “Classical Music for Children”, which includes such programs as “Le Carnaval des Animaux” by C. Saint-Saens, “Peter and the Wolf” by S. Prokofiev. The plot of “The Journey of Peer Gynt” to the music of Norwegian composer E. Grieg was based on the play by Henrik Ibsen. Why did we turn to this character? First of all, Grieg’s music is incredibly fresh, and it is also known to many since early childhood. The composer himself loved children very much, and even though Ibsen’s play was written for adults, we have made an adaptation for young viewers,” explained Musicologist Saule Mauletova.

Both Henrik Ibsen’s play and Edvard Grieg’s music glorify Norway – majestic northern country of dense forests, mysterious mountain ranges, and narrow winding gulfs – fjords.

According to the plot, Peer Gynt is an adventurer and a dreamer. For many years, he wandered in foreign lands in search of wealth, glory and happiness. Fate threw him into the desert and the underworld. Returning home, the wanderer was forgotten and unneeded by everyone, except for his faithful beloved Solveig, who devotedly waited for Peer Gynt for many years. The last scene features E. Grieg’s Norwegian Dance, after all, no matter where a person lives or wanders, his native land is the most important.

“Peer Gynt” is a work that is simultaneously complex and interesting, with rich dramaturgy and abundant musical imagery. First of all, this is a symphonic work and our young viewers will be meeting with the Symphony Orchestra. However, in order to make this great work more accessible for the perception of children’s audience, I have created a form that corresponds to the spirit of our high-tech era. It will be a mix of symphonic music, video projections and theatrical action with the participation of characters – Mountain King, trolls and elves. The pupils of the Astana Opera Children’s Studio will also take part in our project. The main task is not just to introduce young viewers to symphonic music, but to cultivate genuine love for it and for theatrical art,” concluded the Stage Director Natalya Kagadiy.

The Astana Opera Symphony Orchestra, Conductor – Ruslan Baimurzin, Stage Director – Natalya Kagadiy, Musicologist – Saule Mauletova, the Head of the Chamber Hall – “Madeniyet Kairatkeri” Marzhan Zhakenova.

Edited: 20.03.2018