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The premiere of ballet "Salome" will be held in "Astana Ballet"

The premiere of ballet

The repertoire of the theater "Astana Ballet" will be supplemented by another expressive performance by the national choreographer. The premiere of ballet "Salome" based on the play of the same name by Oskar Wilde will be shown on February 16 and 17, 2018.

The author of the artistic concept and choreography is the honored worker of the RK Mukaram Avakhri. Scenography and costumes - Olga Shaishmelashvili. The light designer is Denis Solntsev. Choreographer assistant - Aizhan Zhunissova.

"There are only two real tragedies in life: the first - when you do not get what you want, and the second - when you get" - so in one of his brilliant statements Oscar Wilde expressed about human nature. Being a great connoisseur of human souls, he transformed the ancient biblical legend of the stepdaughter of King Herod, Salome, into an intellectual and breathtaking drama about temptation. According to the original plot, the Jewish princess deceives his stepfather, performing the dance of the Seven Veils, and, according to the order of mother, demands the head of the prophet John as a reward. Wilde gave the story a new detail: Salome falls in love with the prophet, and, seized with passion, thirsts his kiss. Remaining indifferent to the impulse of the young virgin, the saint gives birth in her heart an irresistible desire to know the feeling of love at any cost. Such a desire for the unattainable always ends in tragedy, both for the madman and for others.

This interpretation, unexpected and shocking, inspired the choreographer to create the performance. Choreographically, the ballet was decided in the style of graphic plastics with elements of orientalism, while using a variety of techniques of performance: dance on pointes and barefoot.

"The most important thing for me was to make an attempt to plunge into the element of human feelings and desires. I would like to create an aesthetic dance, but born primarily from an inner impulse. Therefore, apart from the unity of music, movements, emotions, it was necessary to achieve full mutual understanding with the artists, which, to my delight, happened, "says the author of choreography Mukaram Avakhri.

According to Farkhad Buriyev’s opinion, the leading soloist of the theater, who plays the role of the prophet John, the audience should not take a story of "Salome", which everyone knows. In the choreography of Mukaram Avakhri, the performance assumes a modern, dynamic and sensual color. Contrast images of the protagonists will enable the viewer to open the veil of the mystery of the human soul and, perhaps, to find out somewhere himself.

"In the process of work, the author of the choreography brings the artists to the conceived thought, but at the same time she does not disclose the idea to the end, thereby giving each artist to recognize his hero himself. This is the power of art” - he said.

The musical design of the ballet is the violin concert of the modern Turkish composer Fazil Say, which in many respects combines academic traditions with characteristic oriental motifs. According to the words of a critic, Julian Hylock, the result was nothing more than a sensation, "fascinating in the game of seductive sensuality and rhythmic charm."

"In this performance I want the artists to feel themselves freely. I do not focus on choreography, but more on expression, energy and a burst of emotion.

Because music gives impetus, revealing the opportunities of human potential, "- says the author of the choreography.

A common visual concept is defined by minimalism and monochrome design. The machinery and the protruding parts of the scene line up a vertical structure, which the author metaphorically uses to depict the division of society. The light solution intensifies the conflict of action and gradually builds up tension: the premonition of the threat is clearly felt in the air.

All the artists of the troupe are involved in the production. The soloists and the corps de ballet are in constant contact interaction. The performance is created in such a way that the effect of the presence "here and now" will allow the public to experience bright and unforgettable emotions.

The culmination of the performance will be the dance of young Salome - an episode of extraordinary popularity thanks to artists, sculptors and composers, who embodied it in their creations.

"For me, Salome is a very complex character. The incarnation of beauty and passion, which does not let anyone close to herself. At the same time, the seductive young beauty has a very strong and willed character and a vulnerable soul. Day by day we are more and more approaching the artistic task of sensing and conveying a hint of unusual beauty, " - emphasized the soloist of the theater, who plays the role of Salome, Darina Kayrasheva.

Also at the press conference it was noted that in the first part of the evening will be shown one-act ballet "Gaia" by choreographer Ricardo Amarante, to the music of H. Tavares - heartfelt beautiful story about the struggle and unity of the five elements of nature. "If the ballet "Salome"- ecstasy, then " Gaia " - a mirage, which reveals in each actress a personality," - noted the participants.

"In addition to the performance " Salome " we plan to put several full-length canvas, i will not disclose it for now. We have a cooperation with the famous American choreographer Nicolo Fonte ahead. An international ballet festival "Eurasian dance festival", a tour abroad, tours to the cities of Kyzylorda, Aktau, Taldykorgan and Almaty is expected to hold. They will be dedicated to the 20th anniversary of our capital city" - shared his plans, director of the Theater “Astana Ballet”, Valeriy Kuzembayev.

Edited: 09.02.2018